consultation sessions

When you first register to come for counselling, it is really important for us to hold a consultation session with you to understand the best way to help. 

The consultation session lasts for up to 50 minutes and costs £25.  This is not a counselling session – the person conducting the session is an experienced counsellor who will ask you a series of questions. 

You will be asked to explain briefly why you have come to counselling and what you hope to achieve from your sessions.  You will also be asked about any medication and coping strategies you are using and if you are having treatment or accessing support elsewhere.

The counsellor will use this information to determine if counselling is right for you at the moment. 

Counselling is not recommended if the trauma you have experienced is too fresh, or your life is all over the place and you are thinking of other things while you are having counselling. The counsellor will discuss this with you at the end of the session.

The counsellor will also use the information to find out what kind of counselling might work best for you – counsellors work in different ways using different theoretical models and some models are better suited to certain underlying issues.  Again the counsellor will discuss this with you when they discuss your next steps.
We will only work with you if we can offer the support you need – the consultation counsellor will always suggest the most appropriate option for you whether that is with another agency or ourselves. 

Our philosophy is that people benefit from counselling when they get the right help as quickly as possible and this is why the consultation session is so important in the process.

At the end of the session, if counselling with NECS is what you want, we will take details of your availability and then a counsellor will contact you to arrange your first appointment. 

The first counselling session will be with the counsellor who will be dedicated to all your sessions.  The counsellor will need to ask you again to go through what is bringing you to counselling but with a different emphasis to the consultation session. 

This first session with your dedicated counsellor is where your counselling journey will properly begin.

If you wish to book a consultation session, call us on 0191 466 1314 or email us at to register and we will then offer you a first appointment which will be a consultation.