Live your Life in 3 steps:

NECS have helped more than 8000 people to live their life over the last 10 years. Counselling is a process which helps you understand what it is that is causing you to feel low and to think about how to live your life – giving you the tools you need to face challenges in the future.

Step 1: Take control
1 in 4 people will face stress, anxiety and depression at some point in their lives. Taking control is something which can immediately make you feel better – so if you have been feeling low, stressed or anxious and you want to start living your life again, take the first step and get in touch.

Step 2: Tell your story
NECS knows that having the right counsellor is one of the most important aspects of successful counselling. That’s why your first session is all about you telling your story to a member of our team, who will identify what type of counsellor would be best to help you on your journey.
The first session lasts for up to 50 minutes and the counsellor will explore your situation with you to establish what you want to get out of counselling. We will also ask about your availability and when it is most convenient for you to have counselling.

Step 3: Start your journey
Once you have had your consultation appointment, you can decide whether to start the counselling process. How long your journey will depend on what brings you to counselling and what you want to achieve. Everyone’s journey is unique to them, but counselling helps you to view things in a different way and even when you finish counselling, your journey to living your life continues.

How much does it cost?
If you not sure that counselling is for you, we offer a 30-minute telephone discussion which allows you to explore whether counselling is right for you. This will cost £10.
If you decide to have a consultation session after this, the cost of the consultation will be reduced by £10.

If you don’t require a telephone discussion to decide if you want counselling you can book a consultation appointment straight away. This appointment costs £25.
Each counselling session costs £50 however we do have funding available to provide free counselling for people in different situations for example if you live in Gateshead and you are a carer, a war veteran or a young person aged 9-25 please call the office on
0191 440 8127 to book an appointment.

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