Children and young people’s counselling

NECS can work with children as young as four – young children can be anxious because of conflict at home or if their parents break up. Our experienced counsellors use a wide variety of play therapy techniques to understand what is going on and help them to become more settled.
Young people are under more and more pressure these days – from exam stress, hormone changes during adolescence, peer group pressure, and deciding what to do when they leave school. Social media (eg ‘cyber-bullying’) can also cause problems with their image and confidence. We work with children and young people from the age of 4-17 to help them understand what impact various influences are having on their life and how to improve it.
If you are a parent and concerned about your child we can help. You may have identified that your son or daughter is withdrawn, feeling low and not communicating with you as normal. We have specialist counsellors who can help by putting your child at ease and helping them to talk about issues and provide solutions. 

Children and Young People Counselling - Top 6 presenting issues 01/10/15 to 30/09/16

Anxiety 56%
Stress 51%
Low Mood 39%
Anger 38%
Behavioural Issues 34%
Low Self Esteem 33%

Children and Young People Counselling - Top 6 underlying issues 01/10/15 to 30/09/16

Family Issues 56%
Relationship Problems 51%
Bereavement 42%
Attachment Issues 38%
Health Issues 34%
Carer Responsibilities 33%

We provide free support * to children and young people in Gateshead aged 9 to 25 and we can accept referrals directly from parents, children and young people and other support networks.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to such a high demand for counselling under our current funding for 9/25 year old’s we have now suspended this project. Unfortunately we already have a waiting list for free counselling under this project which is also closed now until further notification from this website.

If you are a Parent and have a son or daughter that would benefit from counselling and are not a resident of Gateshead we can offer private counselling to children and young people at £40 per 50-minute session.

We provide counselling from our premises in central Gateshead and at a variety of outreach venues including some schools. Counselling needs to take place in a neutral, confidential setting, therefore, we are unable to offer home visits.

If you would like to find out more on how we can help children and young people please give us a call on 0191 466 1314