Individual Counselling

There are many common psychological and emotional conditions you may be experiencing including anxiety, abuse, stress, agoraphobia, low self-esteem, depression, grief, panic attacks, alcohol misuse, paranoia, and even suicidal thoughts.

People come to us for counselling for all sorts of reasons – they may be feeling angry, frustrated, stressed, weepy or depressed. 

Other people may be using coping strategies which are harmful – maybe drinking too much, taking drugs, overeating, staying in bed. 
It’s when these things get too much or are having an impact on your life that you realise you need help to move forward. 

These things are all presenting issues.

Whatever is happening which either makes you feel bad or act in a harmful way is the underlying issues.  They could be the loss of someone close to you, relationship breakdown, bullying or abuse. 

Counselling uncovers what your underlying issues are and helps you find ways to cope differently. 

The charts below show the top 6 presenting issues people are coming to us for counselling, and the top 6 underlying issues which have been uncovered during counselling.

Individual Counselling - Top 6 presenting issues 01/10/15 to 30/09/16

Anxiety 56%
Stress 51%
Low Mood 41%
Anger 37%
Behavioural Issues 34%
Low Self Esteem 33%

Individual Counselling - Top 6 underlying issues 01/10/15 to 30/09/16

Family Issues 56%
Relationship Problems 51%
Bereavement 41%
Attachment Issues 37%
Health Issues 34%
Carer Responsibilities 33%

Feeling low, stressed or anxious can happen to us at any time in our busy lives and life can be hard for us all. Sometimes we can deal with things on our own or with the help of a friend or family member. However if symptoms persist or worsen you may need professional help because if you avoid addressing the situation it can lead to more difficulties including affecting your physical health.

Talking about your issues is not a sign of weakness. Counselling is a process to help you share your thoughts and feelings and confront the issues that are concerning you and find your own solutions with someone who is concerned, impartial and trained to help you through difficult times. It could be bereavement, a family issue, a problem at work or you might not even understand why you are feeling the way you do but counselling can help.

Remember – counselling can be whatever you want it to be – it is a process to help you work things out and feel better in a safe and confidential environment.

If you need some support at this difficult time in your life, we can provide you with private individual counselling at £40 per 50-minute session from our premises in central Gateshead. Usually, sessions take place weekly and on average you will need 4 – 6 sessions.

To book an appointment call 0191 466 1314

We can provide free counselling if you are a war veteran or family member of a war veteran and live in Gateshead, a Carer in Gateshead or you are aged from 9 to 25 and live in Gateshead.

These services are funded by Newcastle/Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group.

If you are unsure whether counselling is for you please get in touch to have a brief, confidential discussion.