Social return on investment (SROI) 2009

NECS, founded in 2006, was initially established to provide counselling and ‘crisis intervention’ services specifically to families and carers of children with a disability in Gateshead and surrounding areas.

In 2009, NECS was supported to assess the value for money of NECS by conducting a Social Return on Investment (SROI) for North East Counselling Services CIC based in Gateshead.

An assessment was made to capture the direct financial returns, such as savings to the public purse, reducing costs to statutory organisations but the social and environmental contributions of the business.

SROI is a methodology which aims to demonstrate the value creation of a project or activity. It is based on measuring that value in social as well as economic terms and comparing the end value over a number of years to the original cost of the project or activity (Return on Investment). Often with SROI it is possible to determine that considerable value not normally accounted for is returned to the local or regional economy by the activity of community-based projects.

SROI measures change in ways that are relevant to the people or organisations that experience or contribute to it. It tells the story of how change is being created by measuring social, environmental and economic outcomes and uses monetary values to represent them.

From SROI forecast it envisaged that NECS would achieve an SROI of £3.67 for every £1 investment.

For further information read the SROI report

10 years later we’ve helped over 8,000 people with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders by tailoring its service to meet your needs. Today we provide counselling to a broad range of clients and have over 50 counsellors.


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