NECS Works – Supporting Businesses

Common workplace related problems include anxiety, pressure, stress, bullying, isolation, low self-esteem, absenteeism, drug and alcohol misuse. We can support your employees with preventative workshops and one to one trauma therapy if need be. We can provide tools and techniques to help improve their mental health and psychological wellbeing, offer individual support if they are feeling stressed or depressed and can work with your team if the worst happens and an incident occurs.

Support for Managers and Employees
If your staff are dealing with difficult clients or work colleagues on a regular basis or are working with people who are bringing examples of distressing situations, then this service would be useful for you. We can work with individual employees to give them intensive support or through group work so that they learn to help each other effectively.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Most professions and occupations require us to keep our knowledge and skills up to date which means we are constantly learning new information and practices. We can help your employees to develop better communications skills, understand themselves, how to work better in teams, how to deal with difficult clients and work with people more effectively. We can tailor the CPD to meet your organisational requirements.

Coaching is a different process to counselling in that it helps your employees to identify what they want to achieve and plan how to get there. It is solution focused and avoids looking at how you have got to where you are now – but where you want to get to in the future. It identifies gaps in your employees’ knowledge, skills and certain aspects of their behaviour which may be holding them back or detracting from the effective team working and relationships in the workplace.

Self-employment training
Starting your own business can be exciting yet daunting and baffling – our trainers will give you all of the information you need to make a success of managing your business and get it right first time. Our self-employment workshops can provide you with the information and advice you need and will cover areas such as Tax and National Insurance, who to contact including HMRC, what legal structure to choose, managing and raising finance, marketing and promotions, the benefits of a business plan and much more. We also provide self-employment training specifically for counsellors who are setting up their own practice.
We can provide telephone support as required and deliver counselling at locations to suit you. All you pay for is the time your employees use – we don’t charge a monthly fee.

We can provide counselling, coaching and other services from our premises in central Gateshead, Gosforth in Newcastle or at your workplace. If you require further information please contact our Business Development Manager, Carol Walker, to arrange a free appointment to discuss your requirements.

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